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Bizzart International Limited was first established in 1998 by Caroline Trevella as a small-business operation endeavouring to break into the niche market of commercially commissioned art works in the form of mural and costume making. Bizzart now features co-director Carly Trevella, ( daughter of the founder who, after gaining a bachelor of Art and Design was brought on board as the market and demand for Bizzart’s original brand of workmanship distinguished itself against competitors. 


Since establishment, the variety and type of works commissioned has expanded from the small scale to large and intricate pieces throughout New Zealand, Australia and New Caledonia, as well as costumes for internationally well-known companies such as World Vision.


Entertainment pieces for Moscow Circus, Webber Brother’s Circus, Showbiz Christchurch and the Outwits Summertime Theatre Festival in the form of props and costumes have been received with enthusiasm and delight as the unique brand of artistic flair coupled with quality craftsmanship has been taken worldwide.


Alongside these spectacular International works, Bizzart, locally situated just outside of Christchurch city, has works-of-wonder speckled throughout Christchurch, now a part of such iconic landmarks as the Christchurch Cathedral both prior to the Earthquakes of 2010/2011 and post-quake in the form of a 3m high angel replica being raised above the crumbled cathedral on a crane as a sign of hope to the people of the city as they rebuild. This angel, one of three of the same enormous scale was initially intended for annual Christmas celebrations and was originally situated inside the cathedral.


Ballantynes Christchurch’s long-time running Christmas commemorative window, a well-known and honoured tradition in Canterbury was also for many years home to the whimsical and fantastic characters conceived and created by Bizzart International Ltd. Each and every one of the commissions produced by the company are original from conceptive design to end creation.


With the years of experience and product knowledge of Caroline and the fresh outlook and contemporary skills offered forth by Carly, Bizzart presents reliable capable product that leaves little wonder that this once humble business now has a virtual monopoly on commercial artwork in the South Island.

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